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IBC Valves

IBC tank Valves

IBC valves mainly include two types of valves, one is ball valves and the other is butterfly valves. It is made by HDPE, It has a 2 inch NPT male outlet, 2 inch female metal collar inlet, EPDM gasket, foil seal over the 2 inch NPT outlet for tamper evidence, and dust cap to keep particles and contaminants from products when the foil seal is broken or while in storage. A large easy operated handle to close and open on the valves . We have 62 mm(DN 40)/75 mm(DN 50)/100 mm(DN 80) for the tank valves. At the same time, IBC tote caps and IBC adapters are also available in Qiming packaging. If you do not find the ideal one in this page , please contact our support team for the further learning .

Characteristic of butterfly valves and ball valves

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Ball Valves for IBC tank

Butterfly Valves for IBC tank