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Colorful Egg Trays

colorful egg trays

Qiming colorful egg trays for sale, transportation use and hatching use. They are designed for the washing, sanitizing, and disinfection of eggs. These plastic egg trays have specially designed openings in all the cones and the ends for better circulation of water and air, allowing for superior cleaning ability. Heavy side-wall construction ensures durability and longevity. Standard sizing allows the tray to be used in most egg cases and boxes. Our colorful egg trays are good enough to protect the eggs and minimize breakages. They are available in different colors for coding and are easily stacked. Widely used in supermarkets, farms, hatching machines. Contact us to get FREE samples.

Qiming Plastic Egg Trays Specification

Egg tray typesSize(cm)UsageWeight(g)
12 holes egg trays
Type A29.6*12.5*5chicken egg, duck egg65
20 holes egg trays
Type A28.5*28.5*6duck egg165
Type B30*30*6duck egg180
30 holes egg trays
Type A29*29*5chicken egg138
Type B29.8*29.8*5chicken egg, duck egg144
Type C29.8*29.8*5chicken egg, duck egg
Type D30*30*5chicken egg, duck egg160
Type E30.5*30.5*5chicken egg, duck egg190
Type F32.5*32.5*6chicken egg, duck egg235
Type G (Full enclosed)30*30*5chicken egg, duck egg172
36 holes egg trays
Type A29*29*7chicken egg, duck egg170
42 holes egg trays
Type A29*29*7chicken egg, duck egg170
Type B29/29*7chicken egg, duck egg195
48 holes egg trays
Type A30*32*7chicken egg, duck egg320
55 holes egg trays
Type A60*30*6chicken egg, duck egg500
62 holes egg trays
Type A60*30*6chicken egg,300
72 holes egg trays
Type A60*30*6chicken egg,500
150 holes egg trays
Type A60*30*6quail egg,500
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Characteristic of plastic egg tray

  • High – quality raw material

    Plastic egg trays are made of pure raw materials,safe and environmental.

  • Plastic Egg Tray design

    Egg holder design is reasonable, eggs are placed fairly, beautiful and generous, convenient and practical

  • Egg socket with hole design

    Plastic egg tray more breathable and make eggs can store longer

  • Convenient cleaning

    Plastic egg tray is the integrated Body, there are no cracks. It is easy to clean.



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