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Tin Pails

tin pails

Qiming packaging tin pails have two kinds of shapes, rectangular tin pails, and round tin pails. It has many good features: non-spill, recyclable, durable, 5L-20L are all available. And Two main usages of tinplate cans for your choice. One is for the chemical industry, such as paint, petrol, brake fluid and machine oil. The other is up to FDA standard, for candy, coffee, tea, cookies, biscuit, chocolate, meat, fish, pickles and gift packing use. Color can be customized. And if you’re interested in the products, please feel free to contact us. Email: sales@qimingpackaging.com.

VolumeTop dia*Bottom dia* Height
5L175mm(Top dia)/ 175mm(bottom dia) * 225 mm(height)
10L245mm(Top dia)/ 225mm(bottom dia) * 275 mm(height)
16L295mm(Top dia)/ 275mm(bottom dia) * 300 mm(height)
18L295mm(Top dia)/ 275mm(bottom dia) * 330 mm(height)
295mm(Top dia)/ 275mm(bottom dia) * 375 mm(height)
25L295mm(Top dia)/ 275mm(bottom dia) * 420 mm(height)


Can be used for packaging silver powder, aluminum powder, thinner, curing agent, ink, cutting fluid, cleaning agent, rust inhibitor, engine oil, lubricating oil, adhesive, paint, latex paint, floor liquid paint, automotive paint, resin, chemical additives and other liquid semi-liquid, solid raw materials.