Application and features of Plastic Buckets

//Application and features of Plastic Buckets

Application and features of Plastic Buckets

About Plastic Buckets

A. Production Process

The plastic raw material granules are added to the injection molding machine, and the plastic is melted by high-temperature high-pressure injection into the steel mold through the heating of the cylinder. After cooling, the mold is opened and the product is taken out, and the finished product is obtained by trimming the burrs.

B. Production Equipment

Kinds of Plastic Buckets

A. Round Plastic Buckets

B. Square Plastic Buckets

C. Rectangle Plastic Buckets

Application of the Plastic Buckets(Take Round Plastic Buckets for example)

A. Food grade application

Food grade used for packaging of food, water, snacks, biscuits, dried fruits, sugar, herbs and so on.

B. Non-food grade application

Non food grade used for packaging silver  powder, ink, rust inhibitor, engine oil, lubricating oil, adhesive, paint, chemical additives and other liquid semi-liquid, solid raw materials.

Specifications of Plastic Buckets

  1. Material:PE, PP, PVC

  2. Thickness:1.1~2.02mm

  3. Color:White, black, red, yellow, or customized color as per demand

  4. Capacity:1-25L available

  5. Handle:Metal or plastic

  6. Packaging:Stacked together and wrapping films and pallets

Features of the Plastic Buckets

  1. Color selection:Kinds of colors are selected, customized color based on the big order quantity.

  2. Selection of plastic bucket materials: 1) Food grade, non-toxic, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, easy to degrade, suitable for food packaging. 2) Non food grade, non-toxic, pollution-free, easy to degrade, untouched food, suitable for packaging of coating, glue, chemical products and so on.

  3. Two types of printing terms: Silk-screen printing or Heat transfer printing available.

  4. Can be stacked for many layers, saving space and easy to take away.

The detailed features of the Plastic Buckets are as follows:

  1. Corrosion Resistance:Acid, Alkali and High temperature resistance.

  2. Light Weight:Lightweight for easy transport and storage

  3. Strong Sealing:Leak proof, moisture proof and anti-volatile(isolate air and keep fresh)

  4. Save Space:Special design and stack able.

  5. Easy Cleaning:The surface is not easy to attach things, so easy to clean.

  6. Compressive Resistance:Stretch well and impact resistance.

round buckets1

Characteristics of each part:

  1. Bucket Lid: Food grade material, make your life healthier.

  2. Bucket Spout: Small openings to prevent liquid volatilization, if you need it, we can accept customized order.

  3. Bucket Body: New raw material thickening production, more resistant to fall pressure, frost resistance, safety.

  4. High Quality Handle: The thickening design handle is not easy to break, the bearing capacity is strong, the side handle design is reasonable and easy to lift than the side, which made it easier for you to carry things.

  5. Bar Design: The bucket wall is thick, smooth and clean, and the lid is designed with easy to pull, easy to operate and easy to use.

  6. Double Buckle Design: Make the lid tighter and isolate the air to keep fresh and moisture proof.

Different sizes of the Plastic Buckets

plastic round buckat 2
SpecificationTop * Bottom * Height(cm)Weight(kg)
short 5L23*21*18.50.33
New Little 18L29.3*26.3*350.79
New Little 20L29.5*26.5*36.50.895
Double edge 20L30*26.5*381
New 20L30.5*27*381.06
Screw 20L30*27*37.50.933

The size of Plastic Bucket are comprehensive, so do the colors. There are many kinds of color for you to choose or can customized as your demand.

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