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55 Gallon Drum Covers


Qiming packaging 55-gallon drum covers adopt 100% New HDPE material.55-gallon drum covers have many good features: dust-proof, high strength, good impact resistance, transparency, water-proof, good chemical stability, toughness, and corrosion. Black and yellow colors are in stock. And 55-gallon drum covers can bear the press from stacked drums. Any other 55-gallon drum fittings are all available, if you’re interested in the products, please feel free to contact us. Email: packaging@qimingpackaging.com

Features of 55 gallon drum covers

  • 55 gallon drum covers Color: black, yellow in stock, as per your request;

  • 55 gallon drum covers can bear the press from stacked drums, strong and durable

  • 55 gallon drum cover: Size: Available in many sizes for the different drum mouths in the world.

  • Material: 100% New Plastic PE. Round Shape

  • 55 gallon drum cover: Advantages: Non-Spill, the water-proof, dust-proof, easy operation no tools needed

  • Provide custom service, logo printing

55 gallon drum coves show: