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Tin Foods Cans

tin food cans

Qiming tin food cans with easy open lids with plastic lids are commonly known as tin cans, are made of tinplate. Tinplate is tinning on the surface of the iron to protect the cans. Tin food cans are extensively used, storage and transport. The inner wall of tin cans adopts inner coating process, is covered with a film, and a layer of film is applied on the tinplate to solve the problem of yellow rust. Pet food storage cans are widely used for cat and dog food, canned fish,  pickles and so on. The features of tinplate cans are corrosion resistance, durable… Size can be customized. A variety of shapes are available, cylindrical tin can, square tin can. Pet food caps are also available. Free sample for you to check.

Model NO. of tin cansMaterialCapacityThicknessSize
628#Tinplate70ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 65mm * Height 28mm
636#  (outer golden/inner white coating)Aluminum80ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 63.5mm * Height 36mm
636# (outer golden/ inner original silver coating)Aluminum80ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 63.5mm * Height 36mm
634#Aluminum90ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 65mm * Height 34mm
634#Tinplate90ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 65mm * Height 34mm
640#Tinplate100ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 65mm * Height 40mm
728#Aluminum90ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 73mm * Height 28mm
728#Tinplate90ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 73mm * Height 28mm
730#Aluminum95ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 73mm * Height 30mm
730#Tinplate92ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 73mm * Height 30mm
732#Aluminum100ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 73mm * Height 32mm
732#Tinplate100ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 73mm * Height 32mm
840#Aluminum170ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 83mm * Height 40mm
840#Tinplate170ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 83mm * Height 40mm
842#Aluminum180ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 83mm * Height 42mm
842#Tinplate180ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 83mm * Height 42mm
846# (Laminated Steel technology)Tinplate210ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 83mm * Height 46mm
846# (Enameled tinplate technology)Tinplate210ml0.18-0.22mmDiameter 83mm * Height 46mm
936# (bowl-shape)Aluminum150ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 36mm
936# (bowl-shape)Tinplate150ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 36mm
937# (bowl-shape)Aluminum154ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 37mm
937# (bowl-shape)Tinplate154ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 37mm
938# (bowl-shape)Aluminum157ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 38mm
938# (bowl-shape)Tinplate157ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 38mm
939# (bowl-shape)Aluminum161ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 39mm
939# (bowl-shape)Tinplate161ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 39mm
940# (bowl-shape)Aluminum165ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 40mm
940# (bowl-shape)Tinplate165ml0.18-0.22mmTop Diameter 99mm * Height 40mm

Features of pet food cans

1. Good mechanical performance: Pet food tin can is compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, paper containers, etc., tin-tin cans are of high strength, and have good rigidity and are not easy to break. Not only can be used for small sales packaging, but also is the main container for large transport packaging.

2. Excellent barrier property: Pet food tin can have better barrier property than any other material, good air resistance, moisture-proof, shading and incense retention, and reliable sealing, which can protect the product reliably.

3. Mature technology and high production efficiency: the production of pet food tin can has a long history, and the technology is mature. It has a complete set of production equipment supporting it. The production efficiency is high, which can meet the packaging needs of various products.

4. Exquisite decoration: good printing performance of metal materials; The design trademark of pet food tin can is bright and beautiful, and the packaging container made is attractive.

5. Recyclable reuse: pet food tin can is in line with international environmental requirements and future product trends.