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Plastic Trays

plastic trays

Qiming Plastic Trays adopt 100% new HDPE material, low voltage, and high-density polyethylene.  It is widely used for drying, self-drying, baking, and freezing, draining. Strong air permeability and all of the vented and solid tray can be stackable All the raw material is of the character of thickening, anti-aging, anti-corrosion. They are highly durable for long-lasting life and simple to clean. Plastic vented trays and solid trays are all available. The tray size is complete. And we can custom colors for you. If you are interested in the trays, please feel free to contact us.

Plastic Tray

plastic tray

plastic tray

plastic tray

plastic tray


  • Drying/Draining: pasta, plant leaf, tobacco, tea, medicinal materials, soft gel, spice, vegetable and fruit
  • Freezing: seafood (Sea cucumber, trepang, shrimp, fish and crab)

  • Baking: preserved fruit candied fruit dried fruit


  • Made with FDA-compliant 100% virgin polyethylene and pigments for safe use in regulated industries.Such as drying,cooling and freezing.

  • Reinforced corners won’t chip and overall rugged construction makes for years of long lasting use.100% guarantee for 1 full year.

  • Lightweight design makes for easy handling and trasportation.

  • Easy to clean with high-pressure water.

  • Stackable to reduce storage space.

  • Available with solid bottoms or ventilated bottoms for accelerated drying.

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