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Plastic Round Buckets

plastic round buckets pails

Plastic round bucket is made of PP and PE material. They are widely used in transportation and storage and in all walks of life. It can be packed with jam, ice cream, and other food, and it also can pack chemical products such as washing powder. plastic round buckets have many good features: light-proof, Creep-Resistant, anti-corrosion, pilfer proof, shock resistant. 2L-25L square plastic buckets are all in stock. Complete size and color, we can provide customer service. Free sample for you to check. Email:

Size of plastic square buckets

SpecificationTop * Bottom * Height(cm)Weight(kg)
short 5L23*21*18.50.33
New Little 18L29.3*26.3*350.79
New Little 20L29.5*26.5*36.50.895
Double edge 20L30*26.5*381
New 20L30.5*27*381.06
Screw 20L30*27*37.50.933
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As a supplier of plastic round buckets, generally, we test the quality of bucket by these ways. Of course, as a buyer, you could also test it by these same ways to help yourself to choose the high quality plastic bucket. Because the quality of bucket is very important to us, we need to test its using safety, sealing ability and so on.  Below is my introduction about how to test the quality of plastic round buckets:

1. Drop test: Generally we throw the bucket from10 meters high to test its hardness.
2.Hydraulic test: We can promise that the bottom of bucket wouldn’t be damaged, and the bucket can be used repeatedly under certain internal pressure.
3.Stacking test: We stack the buckets for 10 meters high in high temperature or low temperature, to ensure that it would not be out of shape.
4. Hanging test: We hang the bucket’s handle for 72 hours to ensure that it is safe and would not fall off, to ensure the safety during the using process of customers.

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