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Flange Protectors

Flange protectors

Plastic flange protectors are a kind of protective product on the flange which played a protective role. Whether you’re protecting the full face or just the raised face portion of the flange, we have the style and size you need. Our flange covers are designed to be durable, as well as easy for your team to install and easy for your customer to remove. If your are interested in flange protectors, please contact us to learn more. Email: packaging@qimingpackaging.com

Company Profile:

Qiming Packaging Co., Ltd. has nearly 20 years of professional knowledge in the plastics industry. So far, it has established business relationships with many well-known companies in the world to meet customer satisfaction as its purpose. “High quality, low price, excellent service” is our forever policy. With this policy, we will work harder to serve all customers and create a better life for all customers.

our products:

It is widely used in nuclear power, gas, petrochemical, and other fields. Domestic and international oilfield engineering, engineering installation companies, pipeline, flange industry, and shipbuilding industry.

We have large stocks and neat sizes. If you have special requirements, we have a professional R&D team to help you solve various problems.

We mainly produce flange protection covers, steel pipe protection covers.

Now it has developed Φ plastic cover 3048mm, valve (flange) DN1800 protective cover.

Widely used in nuclear power, natural gas, petrochemical, oil field engineering.

Engineering installation companies, pipelines, pipe fittings, valves, flanges, shipbuilding, and other industries.

Complete models and specifications, factory direct sales, the best price.

Research & Development:

There are more than 5 R&D engineers in the company.

Factory scale: 5000-10000 square meters

Number of production lines: more than 10

OEM manufacturing: provide OEM service, provide design service, provide buyer label

Annual output value: 50 million-100 million US dollars

Timely delivery:

Always make details schedule and delivery goods on time, 2-3 days for sample and trial order, 15-30 days for massive order. A penalty of 1% -3% stipulated in the contract will be accepted for one-day delayed delivery.

Safe business:

In case of quality issues, REFUND/REPLACE in 7 days without any reasons, never disclose any customer information without permission