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Plastic Collapsible Crates

plastic folding crates

Plastic Collapsible Crates are made of heavy duty HDPE plastic to prevent cracks and withstands years of high loads and abuses. Our plastic collapsible crate is for multifunctional, portable storage – anywhere it’s needed! The roomy interior is ideal for everything from holding vegetable/eggs/fruits to toting cleaning supplies.And the most important features is when the plastic collapsible crate is not in use, can fold to smooth rectangular flat basket and it will save up to 75% space. If you are interested in us, you can contact us online or send us by mail:

Size of Plastic collapsible crates

Advantage of plastic collapsible crates

  1. High-quality materials, using new PE materials, odorless, anti-aging and fall resistance

  2. External reinforcement design, making the whole more solid, not easy to deform, longer service life

  3. Bottom Thickening Design, Smooth Edge, Greater Bearing, More Slip-proof, Safe to Use

  4. Air permeability design, uniform distribution of air permeability holes, meticulous workmanship, drying and deterioration prevention, while facilitating the observation of items in the box

  5. Plastic baskets can be stacked and placed, which has strong gravity resistance and will not crush the bottom items, thus effectively avoiding damage during transportation.

  6. Convenient basket circumferential movement and smooth grasp will not scratch hands, save time and effort.

  7. There are rectangular, oval, round ears, large, medium and small models.

  8. Integrative injection moulding is durable, with large capacity and wide application range.


Fruit and vegetable basket turnover basket Aquaculture transport basket empty mesh turnover basket, mechanical parts, refrigeration, storage, transportation and other industries.

plastic folding crates