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Plastic Drum Plugs

plastic drum plug

Plastic Drum Plugs have various designs. There are the coarse thread and fine thread about plastic drum plugs. And they are suitable for the 200L and 55-gallon drums. The size of plastic drum plugs is 20mm, 55mm, 60mm, 70mm. Plastic drum cap seals and solid drum bungs are all available. As our advantage products, plastic drum bungs have many features: light-weight, high strength, good impact resistance, transparency, water-proof, good chemical stability, toughness, and against corrosion. Other drum fittings are all available, if you are interested in the products, please feel free to contact us.

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Features of plastic drum bungs

  • Size : 70mm, 60mm, 55mm (2 inch, 3/4 inch).

  • Material: Plastic (PP, PE)

  • Feature: Relieve over-pressure; Protect your flammable liquids; Offer strong, reliable protection for your goods when providing pressure relief in case of a fire incident.

  • Be available with various gaskets to meet specific properties.

  • Matched Gasket :PolyEthylene/ Ethylene-Propensity-DinnedMonomer/Buna/Rubber/Black Nitrile/EDPM

  • NPS/NPT or Buttress Thread with or without vented breath hole.

  • Bung Cap 2″ (Combo Pack) (Fine Thread and Coarse Thread) with Gasket for Poly Drum, Brand NewWill fit all UN standard 55,30,15gal barrels. Coarse Thread Has a 3/4″ cut-out center threaded tap for a faucet or pipe fitting The Fine Thread does not have a 3/4″ cut-out center threaded tap. Most 55 and 30 Gallon UN Poly Barrels sold in the US have one (1) course thread and one(1) fine thread 2″ cap

    2 – 2″ Bung Caps (1- 2″ Fine Thread- NPT & 1-2 3/16″ (63mm) Coarse Thread -Buttress with 3/4″ Knock Out) Standard Bung Cap for 30 or 55 Gallon American Made Barrels

    Notice: Coarse Thread has a 3/4″ cut-out center tap, The Fine Thread does not

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