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Plastic Storage Baskets

plastic turnover basket

Qiming Multipurpose plastic storage baskets adopt 100% new PE raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, could be cleaned in high temperature, repeated use. Plastic turnover baskets are widely used in transportation and storage of vegetable, fruit, seafood and various aspects. Rectangular, oval and round plastic turnover baskets are all in stock. Complete sizes and colors for you to choose. If you are interested in the products, please feel free to contact us online or send us by mail:

Product nameModel Length*Width*HeightWeight
Turnover basket#1600*400*200mm2.02kg
Collapsible basket#1600*400*170mm1.37kg
Foldable crate#1600*400*230mm2.06kg

Nest N Stack crate food totes box/restaurant dish storage crate details:1.New HDPE, not recycle plastic, accord to food grade;

2.Stacking when full & nesting when empty;

3.Durable construction for rugged applications;

4.Ventilated for accurate temperature; control & minimized cooling time;
5.The narrow design maintains the center of gravity;
6.Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning;
7.Superior product protection;
8.Radius corners prevent product damage;
9.Fully recyclable at the end of their service life.
plastic turnover basket