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55 Gallon Drum Fittings

55 gallon drum fittings

Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacturer specializing in metal drum cap seals, plastic drum cap seals,snap-on drum bung cap seals. plastic drum bungs. plastic screw caps. Drum cap seals also called drum bung cap seals, are lightweight metal or plastic caps which crimp over the bung openings of drums with a sealing tool (plastic cap seals no seal crimping needed). To remove them, they must be destroyed, that is also why it is easy to tell if tampering has occurred. Qiming Packaging offers a complete line of drum bung cap seals for steel and plastic drums either in tinplate or plastic. Plastic drum bungs are available, 70mm, 60mm 55mm drum bungs are all in stock. The thread includes NPT and BSP. plastic plugs have lightweight, high strength, good impact resistance, transparency, moisture-proof, attractive, good chemical stability, toughness and against corrosion advantages. Hope to be your trustworthy drum accessories’ suppliers in China. They are specially designed for 200 liters or 55 gallons of steel closed type drums. Now the new 20L tin pail or small-medium tin pail with drum closures drum bungs also used the same cap seals. From this, it can be seen that more and more applications, as long as the seal function, the appropriate size can be used. If the size is not clear to you, we can send the sample for further confirmation.55-gallon drum fittings

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