IBC Tote Valves

//IBC Tote Valves

IBC Tote Valves

IBC Tote Valves

IBC plastic container is stipulated as the designated packaging container for dangerous goods in the world. Now IBC is more and more used in all kinds of liquid, viscous, and powder filling and transportation. What follows is essential to the barrel accessories: IBC Tote Valves. The IBC tote valves are used to connect the IBC tank and the discharge pipe or to connect the adapters and the discharge pipe.

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  • Features of the IBC tote valves

-Corrosion resistance

-Acid and alkali resistance

-No liquid leakage

-Pressure resistance

-Oil resistance

ibc fitting
  • Specification of the IBC tote valves:

-Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃

-Less than 0.15MPa( testing pressure is 0.2MPa safe)

-Lifetime use is 3000 times for open and close test, also pass drop test successfully

-Effective control of container outlet flow to prevent liquid splash

-Acid-resistant, alkali resistant, corruption resistant, high mechanical strength, durable

ibc fitting

Qiming IBC tote valve’s main material is 100% NEW HDPE.

All of our IBC tank valves adopt high-density polyethylene as raw material, and after full engineering injection molding to complete, together with a new structure, beautiful appearance. It is widely used in various chemical solutions, acid and alkali solutions, organic solvents, and other similar containers’ outlet control valves, all valves can be used repeatedly, which will also help protect the environment.

Qiming Butterfly Valves Material In Detail

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Qiming Ball Valves Material In Detail

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Size: DN40, DN50, DN60, DN80

Please be aware that the dimensions in this document are based on the data measured in this way, as shown in the picture.

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DN40 ball/butterfly valve (whole plastic with the 62mm outlet base or metal aluminum base), Suitable for the IBC tank with the 62mm outlet; DN50 ball/butterfly valve (whole plastic with the 75mm outlet base or metal aluminum base), Suitable for the IBC tank with the 75mm outlet; DN60 ball valve (metal aluminum), Suitable for the IBC tank with the 80mm outlet; DN80 butterfly valve (whole plastic base), Suitable for the IBC tank with the 100mm outlet.

-BSP or NPS thread available for your options.

ibc fitting

A free sample is available for you to check the quality and design if stocked. For your required new design, we could open a new mold for you when the quantity reaches our MOQ or a certain quantity we both agreed with.

Are you looking for the IBC tote valves? Qiming Packaging is a professional supplier specializing in IBC tote fittings such as IBC tote valves, IBC adapters, and IBC top lids, and so on. Are you interested? Contact us today at main@qiminggroup.com for a better answer. We’d love to work with you together.

If you do not find the products you want, you can click our another website: IBC FITTING

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