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Qiming Packaging Metal Twist Off Caps

Qiming metal twist off lids include various of sizes and colors, which are made of metal tinplate materials. Metal twist off caps are widely used for sealing glass jar canned food, they are produced based on factory standard. We also provide customized service, include logo and pictures printing. If you are interested in our caos, you can contact us to get more details.

twist off lids

twist off lug caps lids

twist off lids

metal twist off lug caps for canned food

twist off lids

tinplate twist off lids for glass jar

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twist off lids

Qiming twist off lug caps for glass jar

CodeSizeClaw Quality
38#38mm*40mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)3
43#43mm*45mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)
48#48mm*50mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)
53#53mm*56mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)
58#58mm*60mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)
63#63mm*66mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)
70#70mm*73mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)
82#82mm*85mm (Inner Dia * Out Dia)
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Features of twist off lug caps:

1. Cover glass cans

2. Isolate air and keep vacuum

3. Keep food fresh

4. With/without vacuum bottons

5. Multi-sizes and colors, have strong sealing

6. Withstand 120℃ temperature

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twist off lids

metal twist off lids for glass jar

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