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Packaging Film

Qiming Packaging packaging films are suitable for packaging of heat sensitive products, such as chocolate, ice cream, energy bar. And you can print any logo or pictures on it, which is cheaper than other packaging products.

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How to choose packaging film materials?

Packaging ApplicationMaterial Structure Suggested
Ordinary food packagingBOPP/CPP, BOPP/PE, PET/PE, MOPP/PE, MOPP/CPP
For packaging which need good barrier and moisture proofPET/AL/PE, BOPP/AL/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, PET/VMPET/CPP, PET/VMPET/PE, BOPP/VMCPP
For packaging which need flavor-keepingKOP/CPP, KOP/PE, KPET/PE, KPET/CPP
For vacuum, frozen food packagingPA/PE, BOPP/PE
For liquid packagingPET/AL/PA/PE, PET/PA/PE, PET/PET/PE, PET/AL/PE
For high-temperature resist packagingPET/PA/RCPP, PET/AL/PA/RCPP, BOPP/AL/RCPP

Qiming Packaging packaging film display:

packaging film
packaging films
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Features of Qiming Packaging packaging film:

1. Save the cost of the whole packaging process

2. Packed in rolls therefore much cheaper to transport

3. All kinds of high-quality environmental protection materials

4. Can customize a variety of patterns

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Packaging film printing technology:

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