6 Applications Of Plastic Trays That You Can’t Think Of

//6 Applications Of Plastic Trays That You Can’t Think Of

6 Applications Of Plastic Trays That You Can’t Think Of

6 Applications Of Plastic Trays That You Can’t Think Of

  The plastic tray is essential to the day-to-day operations of the food service industries. From five-star restaurants, huge bakeries, and fast-food chains, all the way to street foods, most of them use a plastic tray to serve, display and even cook food. There are various types of plastic trays available in the market and they vary according to the materials they are made of.

The plastic tray has a unique ventilation design to achieve the best airflow, thereby speeding up the freezing and thawing time. 100% brand new food-grade, easy to clean, and long service life. Our optional pallet carts are stackable, light, and mobile. Simply roll the pallet rack system into your universal size dryer and freezer. Very suitable for refrigerating and drying products. Easy to stack and store, increase airflow, easy to clean, ultra-durable, impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant, extend service life, multiple colors, and styles. Next, introduce the application of plastic trays.

plastic trays

2. For drying fruit, like apple, banana, peach and longan.

Plastic Pasta Drying Rack Drying Tray for Extruders and Sheeters

3.Dry tobacco, CBD.

plastic frozen trays

4. Freezing seafood, Such as fish, scallops, octopus

cheap medical usage plastic drying tray

5 .Freezing Frozen food

White Plastic Perforated Stackable Pasta Drying Tray

6.Baking,For example, baking cakes, pastries, biscuits

plastic trays

To sum up, the plastic tray is suitable for freezing, drying, or baking foods, articles, medicines, etc., so it has strong high temperature and low-temperature resistance properties, and will not deform under high or low-temperature environments. Moreover, it can be in a high temperature or low-temperature environment for a long time and has an extremely long service life. For different items, there are different mesh sizes. If the items you put on the pallet are small, you should choose a small-mesh plastic pallet. If it is large, a large-mesh plastic pallet is very suitable.

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