Collapsible plastic basket

Collapsible plastic basket

Collapsible plastic basket

The global market for collapsible containers is witnessing a positive outlook in recent years and further is expected to grow above-average growth during the forecast period.

foldable plastic basket

On the basis of material type, collapsible containers market has been segmented into:




4.Paperboard & Corrugated Board

But as we all know, plastic material has been more and more popular in the world.its lighter than metal material, not easy to rot compared with the wood material, and its water-proof compared with the Paperboard & Corrugated Board material.

foldable plastic basket

Plastic does not rot and can be easily washed after use in the fields or glasshouses. We have collapsible plastic storage boxes that can be folded for cutting down the space required for return transportation.

We have a variety of sizes and colors of crates are available which were exported to many American and European countries.

Features of Qiming packaging  plastic baskets:

1.100% new PE raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, safe, and environmentally friendly, could be cleaned in high temperature, repeated use.

2. The external reinforcement design makes it more durable and doesn’t easy to deformed, and the service life is longer.

3. Thickened bottom design, smooth edges, can bear larger weight and non-slip, safe to use.

4. Ventilation design, air holes are evenly distributed, meticulous workmanship, anti-metamorphosis, and convenient to observe the goods in the frame.

5. The plastic basket can be placed on top of each other, effectively avoid damage during transportation.

Fruit and vegetable growers moving away from wooden crates to clean, lightweight and durable plastic crates”

Plastic is not exactly in vogue at the moment but it does have its advantages in transportation and storage environments.

plastic folding storage container basket crate box

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