How do you use a plastic tray?

//How do you use a plastic tray?

How do you use a plastic tray?

How do you use a plastic tray?

Plastic trays are suitable for various industries, fruit and vegetable industry (drying and refrigerating of preserved fruits and medicinal materials, tea, etc.), food industry, clothing and textile industry, electronic and electrical industry, poultry and egg industry, ocean fishing and aquatic products industry, refrigeration and refrigeration industry, automobile and bicycle industry, automobile industry, etc. such as warehouses, hardware products, and products that require high-temperature drying. Its use method is convenient and simple, but more scientific and standardized use can maximize its service life.

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Generally speaking, different materials are used for the single freezer according to the needs of customers. If it is used at high temperatures, it is recommended to use PP material. If it is used at low temperature, it is recommended to use PE material; 100% PE pure raw materials are made of pure materials, which are shiny and more translucent. It has strong low-temperature resistance and can work normally at a low temperature of minus 40 °C without deformation, and its high-temperature resistance is slightly weaker than that of PP; the pure raw material of PP has strong high-temperature resistance and can work at a high temperature of 150 °C without deformation, but with low-temperature resistance. It is relatively poor. Under the low temperature of minus zero, the single freezer made of pure PP material may become brittle, the impact resistance is low, and it is easy to break. Also, do not put things on the tray that exceed the load limit of the tray, as this may cause the bottom of the tray to deform. While its build is sturdy, it’s not good to go over the limit.

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The above is the use method of the plastic tray, I hope it can help you.

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