Why tin is used in packaging?

//Why tin is used in packaging?

Why tin is used in packaging?

Why tin is used in packaging?

In daily life, we can see all kinds of packaging tins everywhere. When you walk into supermarkets and pharmacies, you can see large and small tin boxes, such as delicate tea tin boxes, cookie jars, A variety of novel tin boxes for food packaging, medicines and health products, etc. Tinplate box manufacturers are very particular about the processing and manufacturing process, ensuring that the tracking process from personnel, technology, production, sampling to transportation can ensure the production of exquisite tin box packaging. Let us follow the tinplate box manufacturer to understand the advantages of tinplate packaging tin box production.

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  1. The tin packaging is made of tinplate as the iron material and made by different processes, such as welding process, stamping process, bone setting process, and other different processes.
  2. The tinplate packaging tin box has good barrier properties, gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, opacity, and good sealing properties, which can well protect the products in the package.
  3. There are many box styles of tinplate packaging tin boxes, including heaven and earth cover tin boxes, window-opening tin boxes, heaven, and earth cover tin boxes, special-shaped tin boxes, pull-out tin boxes, etc., each design and structure form All tin boxes have their own unique characteristics.
  4. The product pattern can be customized according to customer requirements, beautifully printed, easy to carry, and novel in style. It is more suitable as a gift to express the feelings between relatives and friends and is deeply favored by customers.
  5. The tin box uses tinplate as the raw material, which is rich in iron ore resources and can also be recycled and reused. It conforms to international environmental protection requirements and conforms to the future product packaging trend.
  6. The biggest advantage of tinplate packaging tin boxes is that there is no need to worry too much about product damage during the transportation of the product. The tin box has strong pressure resistance, is not easy to break, and is convenient for transportation.

Let us understand the applications of tinplate packaging tins.

  1. Tinplate cans for paint and chemical product containers

Because tinplate cans for packaging have excellent impact resistance and flame retardancy, the manufacturing of these packaging containers is in full compliance with the relevant international regulations of the “Regulations on the Transportation and Storage of Toxic Substances”. Used for packaging coatings and paints, it can save manufacturers a lot of insurance costs.

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  1. Tinplate cans for food packaging

At present, the series of tinplate produced in Europe can be used to produce a variety of different types and shapes of food cans. These tinplates mainly include: (1) Continuously coated tinplate for the bottom of DRD-coated cans; (2) Easy-open lid Use tinplate.

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  1. Tinplate packaging cans for spray cans and cosmetic cans

Tinplate for packaging is suitable for manufacturing high-pressure spray cans so that such containers comply with international standards and are not harmful to the environment.

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