How To Get High Quality Plastic Drum Plugs

//How To Get High Quality Plastic Drum Plugs

How To Get High Quality Plastic Drum Plugs

How To Get High Quality Plastic Drum Plugs

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Cary Company has a huge selection of hex head drum plug and round head drum plug styles.

Plastic Drum Plugs have various designs. There are coarse threads and fine threads about plastic drum plugs. And they are suitable for the 200L and 55-gallon drums. The size of plastic drum plugs is 20mm, 55mm, 60mm, 70mm. Plastic drum cap seals and solid drum bungs are all available. As our advantage products, plastic drum bungs have many features: light-weight, high strength, good impact resistance, transparency, water-proof, good chemical stability, toughness, and corrosion. Other drum fittings are all available if you are interested in the products, This article will tell you how to choose high-quality drum plugs.

drum plugs

Secondly, the drum plug must be equipped with a sealing ring. The function of the sealing ring is to make the drum plug more tight and prevent the liquid in the drum from flowing out during transportation.

drum plugs

Third, choose the right size. The size referred to here is the thread size, which is divided into coarse thread and fine thread. This has something to do with your drum. There is a clear difference between coarse thread and fine thread, and you can easily distinguish it.

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