Qiming Packaging Plastic & Tin Caps And Containers

Plastic drum cap seals for 200L drum

200L HDPE  plastic drum plugs bungs

Metal drum cap seals 2 inch & 3/4 inch

Plastic screw cap for 20L/25L jerry can

LDPE plastic pipe end cap

Plastic pipe plug for round tubing

Stud hole fitting flange protectors

Valve flange face protection plugs

New PP material plstic square buckets

Clear PET jars food packaging jars

Plastic jerry cans engine oil bottles

Full-size clear plastic round buckets

pet carrier

3 size silicone pet food can lids

cat litter box

Colorful silicone canned lids caps

plastic dog pen

PE material Pet food can lids

folding bowl

Customize logo pet food can lids

pressitin cans

Small glue tin cans with hairbrush

qiming packaging food grade tinplate bowl

Round paint tin can chemical cans

chafing fuel tin cans

Empty alcohol fuel chafing fuel cans

square tinplate paint pails

Tin food cans tuna tin cans

plastic trays

HDPE plastic drying trays pasta drying trays

Durable PE plastic incubator egg trays

Collapsible plastic crates storage containers

PVC clear plastic quail chicken egg cartons